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Censored Comments is a place you can leave your comments that have been censored elsewhere on the Web.

You can post any comment here as long you meet the following conditions.

  • You are the original author of the comment.
  • The comment has not appeared anywhere else on the Web.
  • You tried to post the comment on another website or blog and your comment was censored by that website or blog.
  • You must state clearly in the first line of your post the website or blog where the comment was censored.

The purpose of  the CensoredComments blog is to provide a place where controversial issues can find a home and where the activities of over-zealous censors  may be made more widely known.

We would prefer to not moderate CensoredComments at all since anti-censorship is the whole point of this blog, but common sense rules do apply here.

Therefore we remove spam, pornography, personal threats, over-long material, or copyrighted material not belonging to you when brought to our attention. We will also remove comments that are not written in understandable English or that overuse all caps to “shout”.

Here is a hypothetical example you could post at CensoredComments:

Censored on huffingtonpost.com

I’d like to point out the the author of the article is a personal friend of one of the editors of the huffingtonpost and that this is a conflict of interest. I think that this editor censored my previous criticism of this article.


Post your comment. Reminder: you must identify the site that censored you.

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